Chuck Schumer, Jimmy Carter Top Google Searches During Inauguration

During Friday’s inauguration, inquisitive citizens went to Google to gather more information about attendees and proceedings.

The top trending attendees across the Google ecosystem were: Chuck Schumer, Jimmy Carter, Mike Pence, Barron Trump and Ivanka Trump.

The most-asked question on Google during the inauguration was: “How old is Trump’s youngest son?”

Lynchburg, Virginia was the top town search for the inauguration during the proceedings worldwide, followed by Hyattsville, Maryland; Tysons, Virginia; Provo, Utah; and Mobile, Alabama.

The countries, excluding the United States, where citizens were most interested in Donald Trump’s inauguration were: Canada,  Ireland, Kenya, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

During the ceremony, searches for “President Trump” increased by 1,300%.

Note: “Trending searches are the top accelerating searches on Google in a given time frame and location.”



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