TV Oscar Spend Hits Nearly $125M

Nine movies nominated for the Oscar Best Picture award on Tuesday have spent a total of $124.29 million in national TV spending so far -- averaging $13.9 million per movie, according to -- down slightly from a year ago.

For the 2016 Oscars, eight nominated movies totaled $127 million in national TV spend over a similar time span, averaging $15.8 million.

This year, the biggest national TV spender has been 21st Century Fox’s “Hidden Figures” -- $27.96 million -- pulling in a total U.S. box office of $83.7 million so far. Lionsgate's “Hacksaw Ridge” is next. National TV spend has totaled $24.1 million, yielding $65.5 million in U.S. box office results.

Paramount’s “Arrival” came in at $19.1 million in national TV spending. To date, it has produced the largest U.S. box office revenue results of any Best Picture nominee, at $95.7 million.



Lionsgate’s “La La Land” is at $17 million in national TV. Currently, it is in second place in U.S. box office among the nine nominated movies, totaling $89.9 million.

Paramount’s “Fences” came in at $13.3 million in national TV spending, getting $48.7 million from U.S. box office. Lionsgate’s “Hell or High Water” spent $7.96 million, registering $27 million in box office.

The Weinstein Company’s “Lion” is at $2.5 million in national TV spend and $16.3 million in U.S. box office. A24 Films’ “Moonlight” posted the lowest national TV sending -- $772,763, yielding $15.8 million in box office.

Overall “La La Land” tallied the most Oscar nomination when looking at all award categories, with 14, followed by “Arrival” with eight. “Moonlight,” "Lion," "Hacksaw Ridge" and “Manchester by the Sea” each had 6; “Fences” and “Hell or High Water” claimed four each.

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