Comedy Central To Debut Series About A Detroit-Based Ad Agency

On February 7, Comedy Central will unleash Detroiters, a show that stars two admen played by Sam Richardson -- of Veep fame -- and Tim Robinson. The show will center on the pair's friendship -- they are both neighbors and brothers-in-law -- and will feature hundreds of local Detroiters.

Robinson says the show will steer clear of stereotypical depiction of Detroit and instead, take a more upbeat approach and focus on the city's renewal. Of that shift, Richardson said most everything shot in Detroit is "ruin’s all burnt-out buildings. It seemed like almost everything that was getting shot in Detroit for a while was a horror movie. We just wanted to show the city the way we saw it growing up.”

Yes, the pair are from Detroit. Robinson grew up in the Detroit suburb of Clarkston and Richardson came from the Boston Edison area of the city.

Chrysler has signed on as a lead sponsor. Of the partnership, Chrysler and Dodge head of branding Randy Ortiz said: “We were instantly drawn to the humor of the show, but also how Detroit was so prominently featured. It’s hilarious, we loved it and we said, let’s work together and see if we can be a part of this.”



In the first episode, Former Saturday Night Live cast member Jason Sudeikis plays an automotive executive whom Richardson and Robinson go after in hopes of doing business.

Quicken Loans and Little Caesars have also signed on as sponsors. Both will be integrated into the plot of the show along with Chrysler.




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