Fallon Opens New York Office. Fails to Mention First Effort Failed

Minneapolis-based Fallon is gleefully celebrating the opening of a New York office. Now some of you may be thinking, "Wait, what? Aren't they already in New York?" Well, you'd be sort of correct in the sense that they were in New York. The agency opened a New York outpost in 1995 but shuttered it in 2005. 

At the time, Pat Fallon noted the New York office was thought to aid the agency's international expansion. Fallon did, in fact, expand internationally but felt the New York presence was no longer necessary. What's changed? Well this time is all about beauty. That's right. Beauty.

A short time ago, Fallon acquired New York-based AR, an agency with depth of experience in the beauty category including client Revlon. Fallon plans to leverage the category experience and build out a beauty, fashion and luxury practice. 

John King, previously Fallon Minneapolis CMO, will head the New York office as President reporting to Fallon CEO Mike Buchner. 



On leveraging and expanding the agency's New York footprint, King said, "We plan to retain the institutional knowledge of the beauty world from the former AR New York team, pairing it with the iconic creativity Fallon is known for, bringing a little punk rock to the luxury, fashion, and beauty space."

A little punk rock? Really, John? Are you a professional ad agency or a Johnny Rotten wannabe? 

David Israel, formerly of AR, will continue as executive creative director of the New York office, working with Fallon's chief creative officer, Jeff Kling. "I love Fallon New York developing from a beauty background. Only beauty can save our uglied world. I harbor tremendous enthusiasm for what we can do," said Kling.  

Yes, we certainly could use a bit more beauty in our world these days. Hopefully Fallon is able to make the move to New York work this time.

Fallon New York will occupy office space in New York City's SoHo at 375 Hudson.

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