49% Of Retailers Adopt Internet Of Things, 81% See Improved Customer Experience

The Internet of Things is reaching retail, with most uses focused on customer engagement.

Retailers using IoT technology also are finding that customer experiences are being improved because of it, based on a new study.

The Internet of Things report by Hewlett Packard comprised a survey of 3,100 business and technology professionals from 20 countries.

The study found that almost half (49%) of retailers have deployed IoT technology and most (56%) of those are allowing personal mobile devices to access the network in order to create new and engaging retail experiences, according to the study.

The study found that 30% of companies see one of the leading applications of IoT as creating location services that deliver personalized offers and products while 18% are using IoT features to remotely control environmental factors, such as heating and lighting.

The good news is that retailers are seeing results.

Eight in 10 (81%) retail organizations said the Internet of Things has improved the overall customer experience and 88% say it has boosted business efficiency.

And those are two pretty significant upsides. At least for the half of retailers deploying IoT technologies.



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