Social, And Now Digital, Keep Marketers Busy

Social media platforms like Facebook have been changing the advertising and business model in a way that requires businesses to have a social presence to stay in front of current and potential customers, says a new Whitepaper from Hanapin Marketing. Myspace started the social media push starting in 2003 with Facebook shortly behind in 2004. 



Over the past 16 years, social media has been a growing trend with platforms coming and going, with a handful that are able to take hold of the market, adapt, and grow with society and culture. And, being able to spend budget and resources on channels that don’t always drive direct value (Digital) is even more of a challenge.

It can be easy to disregard the underlying principles that all channels are integrated, and, in some fashion work with and for each other to grow a brand, says the report. So, whether directly or indirectly, every digital channel plays a key role in recognition, perception, and long-term growth.

This takes us to our current social media model, says the report, and how continual organic and paid posting continue to drive new and existing customers back to a business and their products or services.

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