Digital Transformation Facing Hurdles

Professionals across industries recognize the need for digital transformation, but gaps in organizational and technical infrastructure make it difficult for businesses to adequately address user needs. According to the Executing Digital Transformation study, conducted by PointSource, reveals that most organizations are aware of their shortcomings. After the survey of 300 decision makers in marketing, IT and operations, results indicate that businesses are struggling to make decisions with end users in mind.

42% of respondents say their organization’s digital strategy lacks clearly defined business objectives with measurable key performance indicators (KPIs), and nearly 48% report that their organization’s digital strategy does not provide a clear understanding of audiences.

Gregory Ng, VP of Digital Engagement,  “… the findings from the study provide practical insights that help organizations take the first steps to pursue a successful digital transformation and overcome common internal roadblocks…”

Key findings of the report include:

  • While organizations may be optimistic, they lack confidence in their vision for the future. 44% of survey respondents say they are extremely confident in their organization’s ability to achieve its vision for growth
  • Organizations lack data and understanding of their key audiences. 21% of respondents feel their organization does not do enough in-person research to understand its audiences
  • Departments are often siloed and do not regularly collaborate with one another. Only 30% of respondents say departments within their organization always come together to problem solve
  • Organizations are using outdated technologies which limit digital development. 84% of respondent say their organization has disparate legacy systems that impact the speed of development of new digital experiences

These four key areas of digital transformation consist of eight critical components that must be addressed in order to meet external and internal business needs and deliver a seamless user experience, concludes the study.

Stephanie Trunzo, COO and Chief Digital Officer at PointSource, notes that “… existing processes and architectural decisions that have driven organizational success… feel culturally difficult to change… putting off these introspections… makes it increasingly difficult… to thrive in our evolving digital landscape… the user experience is the key to business success… engaging users requires an updated digital strategy… (and) support across the entire organization…” 

To download the full study, including additional insights on digital transformation please visit here. 



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