Addressable TV: Slow-Growing, But Better Targeted

TV addressable advertising deals are still growing, but challenges remain -- especially when it comes to the ongoing differences between TV networks and media owners.

“The pain in the ass is bringing all the media owners together,” says Michael Bologna, president of Modi Media for GroupM, speaking at MediaPost’s TV Insider Summit.

Media owners are doing things differently from one another -- when it comes to data, pricing, and other issues.

Still, Bologna says, progress has been made -- buying beyond addressable TV, from traditional media buyers, to include device and connected TV/OTT targeting.

In one case study, Bologna says, in targeting luxury SUVs for an automobile marketer, it was able to identify 9.4 million potential consumers -- 5.3 million on traditional media owners/addressable TV providers on Dish, DirecTV, Altice and Comcast; 2.9 million on devices through CNN, A&E, and DirecTV; and 1.9 million on connected TV/OTT, including Roku and Hulu.

The result was a 31% increase in buy rate; 11 to 1 return on advertising spend; 4,469 total cars sold (to exposed households); and 670 incremental cars sold. Bologna says there was a $25 million return on ad spend.

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