Notablist Releases Email Technology Detection Tool

Notablist launched a new Web-based tool and API on Monday that scans incoming emails to pinpoint which technology solutions are being used to send email marketing messages.

Notablist’s Email Technology Inspector is an email technology detection tool that can be accessed in two ways, through a web-based portal or API.

“It leverages our core technology detection capabilities and makes it easy for people to quickly scan email campaigns to find out the technologies used in them,” says Michael Johnston, founder and CEO of Notablist. Sales teams, in particular, are using this for prospecting.”

First founded in 2015 and headquartered in New York City, Notablist is an email marketing and business intelligence company that aggregates data from the real-time email campaigns of more than 500,000 publishers. Notablist enables marketers to search and analyze the email newsletters of their peers, partners and competitors, with data metrics provided through the company’s Web application, API, and firehose feeds.



The company’s technology can detect 265 different email-related technologies, ranging from email marketing startups to marketing cloud vendors like Adobe, Oracle and Salesforce. Notablist’s detection software was previously only available to customer subscribers, but the company has now launched a subset of its capabilities in Email Technology Inspector.

The tool is complimentary for low-volume use, with additional pricing set for higher limits.

Johnston says both sales professionals and marketing technology vendors can benefit from Notablist’s Email Technology Inspector.

“Martech sales teams have long recognized that knowing the tech stacks of potential prospects is one of the most effective ways of identifying the most favorable prospects," says Johnston. "If, for instance, you know that a prospect is sending email campaigns using a low-cost, self-service ESP, pitching a high-end sales automation platform to them might not be an effective use of your time.” 

The Email Technology Inspector can also serve as an effective customer retention tool, says Johnston.

“If you’re an ESP and one of your customers suddenly starts sending some campaigns using a competing ESP, chances are that means they’re not entirely satisfied with your service,” says Johnston. “Knowing that, you could get in touch with them to see what it might take to keep them happy and retain the business.”

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