Email List Prices Plummet In Worldata Index

Looking to rent some email lists? Do it now. There have been “significant” price drops in several list categories, apparently caused by market glut, according to Worldata’s Winter 2017 List Price Index.

For example, Permission-Based International Email, the highest-priced category at $368/M, fell by $6/M compared with its list price in Winter 2016, Worldata reported.  

In addition, Permission-Based Consumer Email fell by $3/M to from its price in Winter 2016. It is the lowest price category in the 30-year-plus history of the index.

And Permission-Based Medium-Large Business Email files are averaging $196/M. And while they remain the most expensive domestic category, they have still suffered a $9/M decrease from Winter 2016.

Why are these drops occurring? Because email list availability has increased by 300% in the last two years, Worldata CEO Jay Schwedelson said in a statement today when announcing the decreases. And he expects that trend to continue.



The study also shows these changes: 

  • The second-lowest-priced category is Aggregated Database – Business, at $64/m.
  • The largest price decrease year-to-year is in the Permission-Based Medium-Large Business Email category. It fell by $9/M to $196/M.
  • The largest price increase (yes, there were some) was $2/M in the Small Business category.
  • Some prices remained stable. The Business Mags/Paid Circulation ($127/M); Consumer Magazines ($94/M)  and Consumer Merchandise Buyers categories $95/M).
  • The largest percentage decrease was 5.88%. for the Aggregated Database - Business category reflects the largest percent decrease
  • The highest percentage increase was 2.22% for the Small Business category. 
These are all rate card prices, by the way. 
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