Audi Finds Wild Success With Airbnb Promotion

NEW YORK -- Consumers were offered the opportunity to book the unique and remote home — which allowed for some pretty serious driving in the sand, says Kenneth Bracht, director of brand marketing at Audi of America, who gave one of the keynotes during the 2nd Annual MediaPost Marketing: Automotive conference at the New York Auto Show, sponsored by Facebook Tobii Pro and Swoop.  

The competition was fierce, with thousands bidding for each stay.

Bracht says the automaker measures success in a promotion like this one based on three factors. “First culture. Are you relevant? When you look at those cultural trends, it needs to be authentic to your brand. Finally, what does it make people feel?” Brecht says.



Airbnb helped Audi to find the correct location in Death Valley, Nev. The promotion lived on the Airbnb website, which is unusual for the brand, he says.

“What was really important about the partnership was we drove traffic to Airbnb, not [to] Audi,” Bracht says. “Still, the social and digital kicked off the campaign, then used the Emmy’s and there have been 18.1 million views, 186 million impressions, 35 unique articles and more than 1.8 million likes/share/reactions.

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