Marketers Set Sights On Programmatic TV Ads

Advertisers are ready for programmatic buying to come to the TV ad sector in a big way.

That’s the finding of a new report from ad software provider Videology studying marketer attitudes towards advanced TV ads, which includes linear TV ads that use detailed data to target specific consumers as well as addressable TV ads.

About 64% of advertisers and agencies surveyed said that within three to five years they expect more than half of TV buying to be handled programmatically. About 57% intend to increase their programmatic TV ad buys this year alone. And a little more than half of marketers said they had used advanced TV advertising in the last year, and three quarters say they intend to use it in the year ahead.

In addition to the expected bump in programmatic TV ad buying, the Videology report found that more advertisers and agencies are buying TV and video ads in an integrated fashion. About 31% of TV and video campaigns are planned jointly today, and that number should increase to 44% in 2018.

Still, there’s work to be done, because more than half of advertisers and agencies said they don’t truly understand the difference between so-called data-driven TV ads and addressable TV ads.

In related news, research from IPG Media Lab and YuMe showed that pre-roll ads are less intrusive and also have the highest brand recall among most online video formats. For the most part, they were considered more engaging than other formats such as mid-roll and outstream.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, April 21, 2017 at 10:35 a.m.

    Most advertiser CMOs pay virtually no attention to media----leaving that chore to their boring numbers crunchers. So they are easily swayed by scads of propaganda pieces about wonderful new techniques that promise the Moon in terms of targeting efficiency that they see in the trade press or hear about at media galas, luncheons, etc. But few CMOs have any idea what the realities are and, inevitably, they will bow out when someone in their organization---who knows media and bothers to check out the facts and trade-offs---provides a reality check. In this "study" a majority of the respondents think that programmatic buying will take over TV in the near future----but most of the same people can't even explain what programmatic buying is, how it works, what terms like "data-driven" or "addressable TV" mean. Case closed.

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