IT Decision Makers 'Always On,' But Often On Different Platforms

Electronics marketers looking to get in front of the IT decision makers in the business world would be best served with cross-platform video campaigns.

According to research from Yahoo and Maru/Matchbox, 80% of IT decision makers travel for work (46% of them travel at least once a month), making mobile a nearly essential marketing platform. However, when not traveling, they spend a good portion of their time using traditional computers anywhere from 3-9 hours a day. 

“IT decision makers are an incredibly tech-savvy audience and can be challenging to reach because of their busy schedules,” says Sean Galligan, vice president and industry lead, for technology, media and telecom for Yahoo. “However, marketers may overlook some of the ways that this audience is truly unique.”

The heavy usage of both mobile and traditional computers means cross-device campaigns are essential for reaching these decision makers, Galligan says.



Because of their heavy travel schedules, there is heavy cross-over between business and personal media use. While they’re most likely to consume business-related content during the week (shifting to social media and entertainment on the weekends), more than 25% of IT decision makers spend a devoted period of time on news, financial information and work-related email both during the week and on the weekends. 

“While they tend to be always-on, they are most likely to consume technology content and blogs during the week, and then shift their attention to social media and entertainment on the weekends,” Galligan says. “By understanding how and where they’re spending their time, marketers can deliver the right message at the right time.” 

Meanwhile, IT decision makers are 1.5 times more likely to notice ads while watching video than other executives. Sports is the most popular platform for video viewing (both live and pre-recorded), followed by social media and news sites and apps.

There's a big opportunity to double down on video advertising across screens to make an impact with this audience, Galligan tells Marketing Daily.

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