Cord-Cutting? Pay TV Business Mostly Unchanged

Although cord-cutting continues to climb — with new digital TV services rising — the overall health of pay TV industry is relatively unchanged

A new study says 88% of viewers with broadband have a pay TV subscription — statistically unchanged from 90% in 2014, according to Hub Entertainment Research.

Additionally, it says 68% of those with a pay TV service also have at least one subscription video on demand service in 2017, the same level as in 2016. But way up from the 47% number in 2014.

Offering a somewhat different perspective, 31% have two SVOD services in 2017, down from 34% a year ago. Those with three or more SVOD services have climbed — now 32%, up from 21%.

TV content delivered to the TV screen — from all sources, set-top box, TV connection devices and/or smart TV apps — is at 74%. Some 55% comes from a TV set-top box, 15% from a TV connection device; and 4% from a smart TV app.

Viewing on other devices: 9%, laptops; 5% tablets; and 4% each for desktops, smartphones and other.

Among pay TV subscribers, 42% of viewing comes from live TV; 17% DVRs; 14%, Netflix; 6%, video on demand; 4%, TV Everywhere apps; 3% each for Amazon and Hulu. Research says also says 11% goes into an ‘other’ category.

Hub’s online research came from 2,024 U.S. TV viewers, age 16-74.



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  1. Leonard Zachary from T___n__, May 10, 2017 at 1:28 p.m.

    The better stats are the ESPN numbers....

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