VC: AI Adoption Occurring At Double The Speed Of Earlier Tech Shifts

Marketers who thinks they can ignore the AI revolution -- or even wait until its adoption becomes more standardized --  are signing their own death warrants.

That was the message Sarah Fay, Managing Director at Glasswing Ventures, delivered to attendees of MediaPost’s Marketing AI conference, on Wednesday.

“You do not want your competitors to be implementing technology that gives them a 50% boost on ROI,” said Fay.

And, AI adoption is occurring at rate that far exceeds that of previous technological shifts, according to Fay. “This is not going to be as slow as the previous waves,” she said.

Compared to broadband adoption, programmatic integration, and other transformative tech, “AI [implementation] is going to happen at about double the speed,” Fay predicted.

That’s because, in Fay’s estimation, the necessary infrastructure and data are already in place for smart marketers to turn AI into high ROI.

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