Global IntelliSystems Offers Email Delivery Monitoring And Repair Service

Global IntelliSystems, a U.S.-based email marketing vendor, is offering a new service to help marketers monitor their delivery and resolve problems, regardless of their email deployment platform.

Global’s Delivery Assistance Service (DAS) monitors over a dozen faults that can lead to poor delivery and lower response rates, the firm said. It costs $895 for a year.

Global IntelliSystems claims that DAS will work with any email marketing system worldwide, and that it will support clients with automated tools, real-time auditing and a staff of GIS professionals. It will also send reports to customers about problems that need to be fixed.

“Too many marketers falsely believe their response rates are good because their rates have remained within a tight range over the years,” said John Brogan, CEO of Global IntelliSystems, in a statement. “What marketers don’t realize is many email delivery systems and vendors have been sending mail with bad delivery reputation scores for years so the results they see are actually poor, and that lowers response rates.”

He added that “we have found many marketers are reluctant to switch to a better platform.” 



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