Sonasoft Debuts Cloud-Based Cyber Protection Service

Sonasoft has launched a product called SonaSecure, a cloud-based service that will protect company systems from ransomware like WannaCry and from other malware, viruses and phishing attacks, the firm claims.

The timing is fortunate, given the publicity over the WannaCry attack. This threat is “real and very destructive,” said Mike Khanna, director of sales for Sonasoft, in a statement. 

As described by Khanna, SonaSecure screens all incoming email and determines in real-time whether or not to let it pass. The company also facilitates email continuity, it says.

Khanna added that no one is immune from cyber threats. “Defense industry giant Northrop Grumman, for example, produces top secret weapons but fell for a W-2 email phishing attack,” he said. “FedEx can send and track packages around the world but was impacted by the WannaCry ransomware attack.”

He continued that Google and Facebook were “recent victims of a 100-million-dollar phishing scam."

Sonacraft is a publicly traded company that offers enterprise-level email archiving and business continuity software services for Microsoft Business Applications on Microsoft Windows platforms. It is listed on the OTC markets under the trading symbol SSFT.

Founded in 2003, the firm recently expanded its product line and now offers email archiving and eDiscovery solutions in the cloud. 





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