PubMatic Extends Prebid.js With Hybrid Client- and Server-Side Wrapper

Aiming to help publishers improve monetization, PubMatic on Wednesday expanded upon open-source container script Prebid.js. The company said OpenWrap, its hybrid client- and server-side wrapper, will help publishers future-proof their ad decisioning strategies.

The goal is to increase ad revenue while lowering operational costs.

PubMatic emphasized the fact that OpenWrap can be implemented in days vs. months, and that it will offer publishers dedicated support at no extra cost.

PubMatic said OpenWrap will enable publishers to more effectively manage their header bidding partners, and help them access real-time analytics, including volume, latency, and monetization metrics more easily. 

PubMatic said that previously publishers have had to choose whether to integrate free, open-source header bidding container scripts, such as Prebid.js, or invest in fully supported enterprise solutions or paid concierge services.

“The client-side vs. server-side dichotomy has only added an additional layer of complexity,” Evan Simeone, SVP product management, PubMatic, told Real-Time Daily.



Without the need to compromise,  publishers can benefit from the scale of integrations offered by Prebid.js, while also receiving the controls and insights needed to effectively manage a hybrid client- and server-side header strategy, Simeone said

Asked whether PubMatic is interested in joining forces with other ad tech companies on open source technology and sharing data, Simeone said the company “is committed to collaborating with others in the ecosystem to foster interoperability and transparency in wrapper technology, as well as working together to improve ad and inventory quality.”

PubMatic said the open-source code, Prebid.js has access to over 70 demand partners and hundreds of demand-side platforms.

“Revenue management technology is rapidly evolving, each company progressing at its own pace,” stated PubMatic co-founder and CEO, Rajeev Goel. “With OpenWrap’s hybrid approach, publishers can easily shift monetization strategies as demand migrates from client-side to server-side, all within a single, fully supported solution, at no additional cost to the publisher.”

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