Camera, Battery Life Important Smartphone Satisfaction Elements

As smartphones become one of the most popular electronic devices in the country, consumers are looking closely at some of the core features such as camera functions and battery life.

According to a report from Strategy Analytics’ Consumer Sentiment Analysis, features such as battery, camera and display have become integral factors in consumer satisfaction and dissatisfaction with their devices. 

Tracking more than ratings and reviews of six current-generation flagship smartphones, the report found the camera was the most-mentioned feature among consumers, garnering positive mentions in 20% of Samsung Galaxy S7 reviews and 17% of Apple iPhone 7 reviews. Nearly 20% of Samsung reviewers, meanwhile, positively mentioned the device’s battery, compared with only 10% of iPhone 7 reviewers. 

“Samsung Galaxy S7 consumers were more critical of battery performance than any other feature reviewed, which could feed into Samsung's on-going battery challenges, not least because of the additional features which come with an S8 without incremental battery power increases,” said Kevin Nolan, vice president of user experience at Strategy Analytics, in a statement. “It will be very interesting to see how this is viewed because battery performance is always a critical topic.”



The satisfaction study comes as the Consumer Technology Association revealed that smartphone ownership has reached record levels in the United States. According to the CTA, the devices are in 80% of U.S. homes, up 6% from last year. U.S. consumers now own 27 million more smartphones than they did at this time last year. Smartphones are now the second most-owned electronic device, behind televisions, which have a 96% household penetration, according to the CTA. 

“Connectivity — the anytime/anywhere access to information and entertainment we now expect — is a driving trend of our time, supported by the continued growth we’ve seen in smartphone ownership,” said CTA president and CEO Gary Shapiro, in a statement. “Smartphones are our personal hubs for innovative technologies like smart homes, connected cars and voice-recognition services. And, as more of us recognize the ability of technology to change our lives for the better, smartphones will continue to be one of the most pervasive technologies owned in homes throughout the U.S.”

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