Facebook Becoming More Transparent With Marketers' Ad Placement

When you buy ads through Facebook, where do they end up?

For marketers asking that question, the social giant is promising to be more transparent.

As part of that effort, Facebook is allowing a select group of advertisers to see a list of potential publisher destinations. Facebook plans to offer that feature to all its Audience Network partners before the end of the year.

The tech titan also plans to let advertisers apply their block lists at the account level. Beginning with Audience Network and Instant Articles, next month, the option should be extended to in-stream ads on Facebook, later in the year.

Soon, Facebook also plans to allow Audience Network partners to specify what types of placements -- whether in-stream or native -- they want their video campaigns to run in through an opt-out format.

At present, Facebook already offers several ways for brands to determine where their ads run. They can always opt-out of Instant Articles, Audience Network or in-stream ads on Facebook, as well as exclude delivery of their ads to sensitive categories -- like dating and gambling.

Uploading block lists of particular publishers and apps is another option, while the coming changes are designed to simplify the process.

During the first quarter, mobile ads made up about 85% of Facebook’s total ad revenue -- up from about 82%, year-over-year.

During the same period, Facebook saw average daily active users (DAUs) grow 18% (year-over-year) to 1.28 billion in March. Monthly active users (MAUs) increased 17% to 1.94 billion, year-over-year. 

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