MailCoach Takes On Unroll.Me, Launches In Beta

A mail coach once delivered mail to British citizens from the back of a horse-drawn carriage, and now a new email solution with the same name aims to help consumers filter their digital messages.    

Now in beta, MailCoach is an email management and productivity solution that aims to help people spend less time in their inbox. The initiative is steered by two BrightRoll veterans, Danny Roosevelt and Dylan Sather.

MailCoach analyzes how someone engages with their email, and then publishes a weekly report outlining how many messages they typically receive on a daily basis. The report also highlights specific emails, threads and senders that MailCoach believes are clogging up an inbox, and then the application provides an opportunity for consumers to unsubscribe or block those messages automatically.

“You can think of it like a personal assistant who is constantly protecting the sanctity of your inbox, and only allowing the important emails to get in,” writes Roosevelt in a blog post announcement. “MailCoach is kind of like the forcefield that protects the alien ships in Independence Day, where your inbox is the alien ship and the missiles are unimportant emails.”



MailCoach acts in a similar way to, an email unsubscribing service. Unlike, however, MailCoach does not sell email data to third parties.

MailCoach may provide an alternative to past customers who are looking for a new service after the revelations earlier this year that the email unsubscribing service collected its customers’ Lyft receipts and sold the anonymized data to Uber. MailCoach states they do not share or sell email data, anonymously or otherwise, and that the company does not access the body of any email or attachments sent or received. 

If interested, consumers can sign up to join the beta program on the company’s Web site.

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