WPP Still Struggling To Normalize Operations After Cyber Attack

WPP is still reeling from the global ransomware attack that was unleashed Tuesday.

WPP is one of a number of big multinational corporations hit by the attack that was believed to have originated in the Ukraine, according to press reports.

In a Twitter update early Wednesday morning, the firm stated it had taken steps to “contain” the attack, but was still working to “return to normal operations.”

Staffers at some affected agencies around the world were completely off the corporate communications grid, having been ordered to shut down their company PCs and sign off Intranets. In many cases, work was being done the old-fashioned way — using pen and paper.

Here’s the full update the firm posted on Twitter at around 10 a.m. London time this morning:

“On Tuesday 27 June a number of WPP companies -- though not all -- were affected by the ransomware attack that hit organizations around the world.



We are working with our IT Partners and law enforcement agencies to take all appropriate precautionary measures, restore services where they have been disrupted and keep the impact on clients, partners, and our people to a minimum. Having taken steps to contain the attack, the priority now is to return to normal operations as soon as possible while protecting our systems.

Our operations have not been uniformly affected and issues are being addressed on a company-by-company basis. Many of our businesses are experiencing no or minimal disruption. We will provide further updates as the situation develops.”


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