VML's Pride (Of LionsThat Is!) And Joy

While some companies at Cannes this year were busy questioning the worth of the awards, others were busy winning them.

WPP’s VML had a particularly strong year, more than doubling the number of Lions it won with a total of 27.

And the shop has only been in the Lion-winning business for five years. This year it took home two Gold, 13 Silver and 12 Bronze Lions. It also garnered 26 shortlisted entries.

“I am very pleased to see the wins spanning our global network and many of our client partners,” said Debbi Vandeven, VML global chief creative officer. “This recognition exemplifies our focus on finding human truths and creating ideas that connect with consumers.”

Very pleased? Geez, if I’d more-than-doubled my haul of Lions hardware in one year to 27 trophies I’d be over-the-moon ecstatic. Doing cartwheels and head-over-heels beside myself with joy. Well, I guess instead of letting it go to her head, Deb is already gearing up for next year.



That’s right all you Publicis creatives. Deb Vandeven at VML is already GEARING UP FOR NEXT YEAR’S CANNES. Where your campaigns won’t be competing thanks to a “bold” decision by your new CEO. Wonder where you’ll be by then? Maybe you should apply for a job at VML. They seem to be on a creative roll.

And proud of it!

You can check out some of VML’s award winning work here

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