Delivra Releases Q2 Update To Improve Email Workflows

Delivra has streamlined the email development process in the software company’s newest product update to its email marketing and automation platform.

The company unveiled a revamped workflow, new agency-specific features, and expanded dynamic email capabilities in its Q2 product update.

Delivra aims to shorten the time it takes to develop an email campaign with a redesigned workflow that centralizes the assets a marketer might need to create an email. In addition, it now displays several email design options in one user interface, including stock templates, drag-and-drop customizable templates, and any past templates that a customer saved. Marketers can also upload or paste previously created HTML files, and the company offers previews of what the email content will look like in the inbox.

The software company has also unveiled several features that cater to advertising agencies that are likely have to manage multiple accounts. Delivra has added lockable content so designers can prevent edits to their email, as well as a new brand colors feature to ensure that branding remains consistent. A new “Swap Cells” also makes it easier for marketers to edit templates by changing the placement of content modules.



Finally, Delivra now allows email marketers to incorporate special characters into the subject lines of their dynamic emails.


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