Placed Passes New Milestones, Now Placed With 1 In 100 U.S. Consumers

Placed, a leading developer of in-store attribution enabling brands to analyze how digital campaigns impact retail traffic and sales, this morning announced that it has surpassed its 190th data partner and now has 2.3 million consumers actively registered to have their in-store visits tracked via Placed’s double opt-in method.

Those milestones mean Placed now tracks one in 100 adults in the U.S., generating more than 2 billion first-party location data points.

By matching the ad impressions served to consumers shopping in those retail locations with those who have not been exposed to ads, Placed is able to attribute brand lift, sales and other core metrics on the impact of digital advertising.

Some of the new partners utilizing the service include: AccuWeather, AdSupply, Choicestream, Connexity, Evite, Eyeview, MedicxMedia, Mobilewalla, Netmining, Parsec, Sharethrough, Unlockd, and Woven.



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