SodaStream In-House Team Creates New Campaign

Although SodaStream's official global AOR remains Allenby Concept House, the beverage brand worked with its own in-house marketing team and independent creative and production professionals to introduce its new integrated Homoschlepiens campaign.  

"We are working with them on an exciting creative concept for the upcoming months and decided to divide and conquer for our needs for this campaign, so they could be laser focused on the next big story from Sodastream," a SodaStream rep said. 

Still, this project is pretty extensive and expensive. The creative makes fun of the fact that people drink only from plastic bottles by featuring a time-traveling Mayim Bialik. 

The Big Bang Theory actress and neuroscientist is seen speaking to kids in the Museum of Unnatural History and telling them that once upon a time, people didn't use SodaStream.

The film shows her traveling back in time to document how people would use and collect all of their plastic bottles. 

The integrated campaign includes PR and digital outreach, while an interactive website teaches visitors the difference between Homoschlepiens and Homo sapiens through quizzes and videos. 





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