IAS Bows Viewability, Brand Safety, Invalid Traffic Detection Tool

Integral Ad Science (IAS) on Tuesday announced the launch of a tool that it said helps publishers streamline workflow and reduce impression waste via automated, real-time optimization, enabling the creation of viewable, brand-safe, and fraud-free private marketplace (PMP) deals for programmatic buyers and automatically reporting results in real time.

Called Publisher Optimization, the tool also helps prevent impression waste on viewability campaigns, and has the ability to customize viewability, brand safety, and invalid traffic goals based on specific advertiser requirements. Additionally, it can monitor and sequester fraudulent activity across devices.

Dave Marquard, VP of product management, IAS, said the solution empowers publishers with data and tools typically made available to advertisers only. The visibility that the tool enables allows publishers to analyze data to eliminate waste.

"We’re feeding the data into the publisher’s ad server so the ad server can do optimizations in real time to make sure the campaign delivers on viewability guarantees," Marquard said. Prior to the tool, publishers were largely in the dark, he claimed -- now publishers can see in real time what to deliver to be more efficient and not waste impressions. 

IAS worked on the new tool in beta with a handful of publishers. Marquard said he expects the capability to be something that ad servers will need to integrate over the next couple of years to help reduce waste and monetize impressions. A common standard for viewable impressions is 70%, but some publishers and media agencies offer higher standards.

“With Publisher Optimization, publishers finally have a real-time solution that helps deliver verified inventory to their clients. We've been able to significantly improve campaign yield, drastically reduce impression waste, and eliminate invalid traffic as a result,” stated Marc Boswell, SVP, sales operations and client services at Business Insider.

Boswell said BI has implemented IAS' optimization script. "The script allows us to optimize campaigns in real-time for brand safety and performance--invalid traffic detection, viewability, etc. It also gives us a clearer picture of how our inventory performs across different pieces of inventory," Boswell said.

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