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Arm & Hammer Foot Care Not Afraid Of 'The Funk'

Summer is the time for bare feet. And sweat. And sweaty bare feet, which means odors. 

Rather than shy away from the stink, Premier Brands, the makers of Arm & Hammer Foot Care products, is daring people to bring on the funk in a new advertising campaign from Blonde + Co. 

“The timing couldn’t be more perfect: This is ‘funky feet’ season,” Rachel Mignano, marketing innovation and brand development lead for Premier Brands, tells Marketing Daily. “This is the time to make people aware that there is a solution.”

Three new short spots directly address the stinkiness of smelly feet The spots intercut visuals of people dancing with bare feet and people holding their noses, while playing with the difference between 'funk' as a dirty smell and 'funk' as a type of music. A voiceover encourages people to “stop the funk” with the brand’s “Fresh Guard” technology, which combines Arm & Hammer’s baking soda with sweat-activated, odor-eliminating moisture reducers.



The spots were created largely through stock footage to keep the costs down, says Grey Zisser, creative director at Blonde + Co. “These days the [quality] of stock footage is so high, it can be very economical,” he says. 

The end result is a campaign that address the problem feet first, moving away from competitors who tend to gloss over the problem while advertising for its solution, Zisser says. “We’re really calling things what they are,” he says. “Everyone knows what ‘funky feet’ is, and no one likes it. We all talk about it. It’s funny, but [we treat it like] it’s not.”

The spots will run on national cable networks for 10-weeks in the summer and early fall. 


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