California Retina Consultants Chooses Identillect

California Retina Consultants, a retinal eye practice with multiple locations, will implement Delivery Trust, an email security service offered by Identillect Technologies Corp. 

DeliveryTrust will ensure that California Retina Consultants’ email communications are in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), the companies say.

California Retina Consultants sends updates to referring doctors. These communications and all other email messages will be encrypted and HIPPA-compliant, the firms add.

“With both California state regulations and HIPAA requirements to protect data, it is clear how important a thorough, layered approach to security is,” states Matthew Giust, director of IT for California Retina Consultants.

California Retina Consultants describes itself as a medical and surgical retinal eye practice. Indentillect specializes in email encryption. 



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