Sante Meets Salud! Sid Lee Helps Moet Hennessy Launch Tequila Brand

Moët Hennessy has teamed up with creative agency Sid Lee to create and launch their first brand of tequila. 

Volcan De Mi Tierra, a super-premium tequila, has begun appearing in select bars and restaurants across Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami and Texas as part of a global rollout “choreographed to excite and entice consumer demand,” according to the agency.

The name of the brand translates to “Land of the Volcano.” The spirit is produced at the Volcan distillery in the Mexican Lowlands, at the base of the Tequila Volcano. Rather than buying an existing brand, Moët Hennessy entered into a joint venture with Mexico’s Gallardo family to produce a unique blue agave tequila.

Sid Lee has been tasked by Moët Hennessy with building the Volcan brand. The remit includes helping to establish the name, designing the logo and bottle, as well as developing brand essentials, including the website, social media community on Instagram and even a coffee-table book. 



Lukas Derksen, managing partner of Sid Lee New York, said: “We look forward to contributing in making Volcan the most iconic tequila in the world.” 

“Volcan De Mi Tierra Tequila is a spirit built for the modern age,” declared Trent Fraser, president and CEO of Volcan. “We’ve created an entirely new brand that allows individuals to rediscover, appreciate and love tequila in a unique and authentic way.” 

Well, Trent, if your tequila is half as good as your champagne varieties, count me in!

Sid Lee has an existing relationship with Moët Hennessy via its work on the Dom Perignon Champagne brand. 

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