Google Redesigns Search Console, Tests Reporting Features

Google confirmed that it will add two new reporting features in the next few weeks, to be rolled out in a limited beta for Search Console, which the company said its redesigning to offer marketers and advertisers more tools that can improve a brand's site performance on Google Search.

The new data being made available includes an Index Coverage report and AMP fixing flow report.

The Index Coverage report shows advertisers the count of indexed pages, and information about why some pages did not index in Google search. This also shows example pages with problems and tips on how to fix the indexing issues.

Google says the features are intended to provide marketers with more actionable insights to assist in fixing the code much faster.

Issues have been organized into tasks, so those debugging problems can easily see whether the issue is still open and whether Google has detected the fix, and track the progress of re-processing the affected pages.

The company is also focused on better organizational workflow and faster feedback. Google has built a method that allows marketers to work quickly on fixes and not waste time waiting for Google to recrawl the website, only to tell you later that it’s not fixed yet.

The "on-the-spot testing of fixes" is automatically speeding up the process of crawling once Google sees that things are in working order.

Similarly, the testing tools will include code snippets and a search preview, so marketers can see where their issues are, confirm they are fixed, and see how the pages will look in Search results.


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