Newton Adds Tidy Inbox For Gmail-Like Organization

Newton, an email application for the easily distracted, released a new product feature this week to help users further de-clutter their inbox. 

Newton’s new Tidy Inbox feature adds a Gmail-like organization tool to the email application. Newton’s Tidy Inbox mirrors Google’s Priority Inbox feature by separating certain types of emails into categories, with email marketing newsletters and social media notifications as a starting point.

If email users choose to embrace the new feature, social media and newsletter emails will bypass the main inbox and be delivered into a Low Priority folder to be viewed later. Newton begins this sorting function automatically, but consumers can also move their emails manually into separate folders to improve the Newton sorting algorithm.

Previously known as CloudMagic, Newton is an ad-free email client designed to help users focus on their work. Newton streamlines the inbox experience by removing any distracting sidebars and banner ads that could cause email writers to lose their focus. Furthermore, the user-interface is also designed in shades of black, grey, and white so that eyes are not easily distracted.



Tidy Inbox, as well as other Newton features like Snooze and Read Receipts, are only available to Newton “Superchargers” -- customers paying a subscription fee of $50 a year.

Newton’s Tidy Inbox will be rolling out this week across iOS, Android, and Mac computers. The company says a Windows application is also currently in development, although no expected release date was provided.  

Tidy Inbox is compatible with all email accounts available on the Newton email client, including Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail. 

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