PhishMe Offers Free Simulation Product To Small Businesses

PhishMe Free can help firms with less than 500 employees fight cyber attacks, including business email compromises, ransomware and spear-phishing, the company says.

The free product includes simulated spear-phishing campaigns that mimic real-life threat-based content.

Also offered are training templates that enable IT teams to educate employees.

PhishMe Free is based on the foundational elements of the company’s flagship product: PhishMe Simulator.

According to the firm, other benefits of PhishMe Free include:

  • Deployment with a SaaS application. 
  • Reporting and analytics to monitor risk exposures and progress
  • Reporting and analytics to easily view risk exposures and monitor progress. 
  • An enterprise-grade solution that delivers 18 templates and up to 12 scenarios per year 
  • Acesss to PhishMe CBT modules, including four compliance modules and 17 interactive modules covering the biggest threats

Also included with the PhishMe Free license is access to PhishMe Community, an online portal where users can consult company representatives and compare notes with others who use the product.

“Phishing is still the number one attack vector today and continues to evolve in order to evade technology-based defenses," says Rohyt Belani, co-founder and CEO at PhishMeFor.

He adds that "a typical phishing attack, each attack segment targets large groupings of people at once – often times using an emotional trigger to get them to click on a link – in order to maximize the chance of someone falling for the scam or deploying malware. With limited resources, SMBs can be an easy target for attackers looking to make a fast buck. "

PhishMeFree enables small firms, those without the budgets to have a strong cyber defense, to deploy "simulated email campaigns mimicking real-life spear phishing scenarios designed to change user behavior, free of charge," Belani continues.

"Today, small businesses are just as likely to be targeted by cyber attacks as large enterprises but the financial and reputation damages could be much more devastating," adds Scott Crawford, research director for information security with 451 Research.

Crawford continues that with more vendors like PhishMe providing solutions to SMBs at no cost, “organizations can take the necessary steps to fortify their defenses to reduce the chances of phishing related breaches."


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