Tresorit Updates Business Software To Support GDPR Compliance

Encrypted cloud storage company Tresorit has launched a series of new data control features to help brands meet GDPR compliance standards. 

Designed to strengthen the data privacy of consumers in the European Union (EU), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become enforceable on May 26, 2018. Once implemented, the GDPR will require brands and organizations to maintain stricter data policies -- particularly in the way they organize, maintain, and use the personal data of their customers -- in order to secure personal data from third-party access. 

Any company communicating with consumers in Europe must adhere to the privacy legislation in less than one year’s time, even if the brand itself is not based in Europe.

Marketing teams can benefit from Tresorit when preparing for the GDPR, as the company’s software helps brands comply with several provisions in the European privacy regulation. 

Tresorit Business, the company’s enterprise software, gives brands control over their data through encryption. The company encrypts every file before it is uploaded to the cloud to keep it secure from third-party access. Furthermore, it makes the re-identification of customers incredibly difficult in the event of a data breach. 

Encryption does not solve for all the GDPR requirements, but it is a step in the right direction for companies seeking to secure their data and protect users’ privacy.  

Furthermore, Tresorit Business has been upgraded with additional data control tools for administrators, including a revamped dashboard granting an overview of security settings and permissions. Consent is a critical component of GDPR, and marketing teams cannot process their customers’ data without customers’ approval -- similar to email marketing subscriptions. By centralizing data management, Tresorit helps brands comply to the data control requirements in data-driven marketing in the European Union. 

Finally, Tresorit Business has been updated with a new password recovery system and device control features, enabling admins to revoke access to specific devices if they are lost or stolen.

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