55% Of Shoppers Pick Brand Manufacturers Over Retailers

According to recently released Astound Commerce Insight’s “Global Brand Shopper Survey,” written by Lauren Freedman, 55% of shoppers prefer to shop directly with brand manufacturers over retailers.The pendulum is shifting towards the brand, putting greater importance on manufacturers’ websites for sales, research and service. 

Astound Commerce surveyed 1,000 consumers who shop online and have visited a brand manufacturer’s website in the past six months. The survey found that shoppers turn to brands over retailers for more comprehensive product information, in addition to enhanced customer service, better prices and more personalization options. 

Lauren Freedman, SVP of Digital Strategy for Astound Commerce, says “Consumers’ heightened expectations for digital commerce means brands must master online selling and present compelling and competitive shopping experiences…

The study found three key reasons why consumers shop online with brand manufacturers:

  • 59% of respondents already use a brand manufacturer’s website for researching products and usually make their purchase there as well. 
  • 37% of respondents expect a more engaging experience on a brand manufacturer's website than a retailer’s. 
  • Half of respondents expect better prices on a brand manufacturer’s website than on a retailer’s website. 

Today’s consumers are likely to find a strong brand presence as they walk down shopping streets and through malls, says the report. Insights from the research suggest why shoppers may opt to visit one of these physical destinations and what they expect when visiting:

  • 59% of respondents visit a physical store to seek out the full brand experience they don’t believe they can get online.
  • 70% of respondents want to touch and feel the product 
  • 52% of respondents believe it’s essential that associates can place an order, while 46% want them to be able to access inventory

To enhance brand experiences, next-generation technology like virtual and augmented reality is playing a large role for the connected consumer. As visualization technology becomes more mainstream, many consumers expect to see these tools online to test products before purchase, and experience the brand without visiting the physical store, says the report:

  • 22% of respondents find virtual reality important when shopping with brands, as they seek evolved shopping experiences they haven’t had elsewhere 
  • 27% of respondents find virtual try on tools for apparel and accessories very important capabilities when shopping with brand manufacturers online
  • 24% of respondents think room visualization and planning tools are very important when shopping with brand manufacturers for larger purchases like furniture and appliances 

Millennials have been a driving force in the evolution of brands, with innovations developed to meet their demand for unique, convenient brand experiences. Brand experience is key, says the report:

  • 45% of millennial respondents expect a more engaging experience on the brand manufacturer’s website where they can get a strong sense of the product and brand.
  • 32% of millennial respondents strongly agree that brand manufacturer websites are more sophisticated than the retailers’ sites who sell their products 
  • 56%)of millennial respondents connect at least weekly with brand manufacturers on social media, indicating a need for more brand content in their personal feeds 
  • 93% of millennial respondents find same-day delivery from physical stores important 

For additional information from Astound Commerce, please visit here.



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  1. PJ Lehrer from NYU, August 23, 2017 at 1:15 p.m.

    All the more reason for them to up their game.  More here...

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