Trove AI Releases Update, Gleans Network Insights Via Email

Expanding your professional network does not need to be as difficult as sending a cold email or call, thanks to a Michigan-based startup that leverages email and artificial intelligence (AI) to connect professionals. 

Founded in 2013 by a team of anti-Spam engineers, Trove AI (previously Notion) analyzes users’ email messages to glean insights about their professional network. On Monday the communications intelligence company released an update that allows teams to use Trove together, combining networks so that team members can help each introduce each other to the right connections. 

In order to utilize Trove, users need to grant Trove access to their entire communications history. The company’s technology breaks down the context behind email messages by quantitatively mapping every users’ email relationship to a person graph database.

Trove claims it has connected over 110 million relationships so far, and enables search queries by location, type, and company. Users can then reach out to these individuals directly or ask a contact inside the organization for a connection. 



Trove also provides an email application (available on both iOS and Android) that filters information about the relationship strength between contacts, as well as reminding users when they have forgotten to respond to a question on email. 

Additional product features include intent analysis and bi-directional responsiveness tracking to optimize communications. Trove is a free service for up to 25,000 shared connections, but additional paid tiered subscriptions enable companies to access up to 250,000 relationships.


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