Lexus, 'Interview Magazine' Offer NY Fashion Week Interactive Experience

Lexus and Interview Magazine are hosting an interactive experience that gives the public the chance to step in front of the camera for a fashion photoshoot.

The activation, “Lexus: Set in Motion,” is happening Sept. 8 - 9 in conjunction with New York Fashion Week and will include a top fashion photographer on an actual editorial set featuring a Lexus vehicle installation. As in past years, Lexus will provide a fleet of nearly 100 courtesy transportation vehicles for show-goers and industry insiders as part of its #HowFashionTravels campaign.

The automotive and fashion industries have many commonalities, says Greg Kitzens, general manager, Lexus marketing.

“For Lexus, as in fashion, there is a mutual appreciation for luxury, craftsmanship, design and attention to detail,” Kitzens tells Marketing Daily. “Through Lexus’ sponsorship of NYFW, we are able to not only reach some of the most influential people in the world with our #HowFashionTravels campaign, but also have them directly interact with our products through our VIP concierge car service.” 



Consumers will enter the venue and have their Polaroid taken, which will function as their “ticket” for the official shoot. They will then be guided to a Green Room-style lounge, where they will get the “star treatment’ with hair and make-up touches provided by Stylisted, along with light bites as well as a takeaway gift. From there, they will proceed onto the set for their personal photoshoot experience with the photographer. After the shoot, they will head back to the lounge where they can pick their favorite shot that they can then share with their followers via social media.

New York Fashion Week is an exclusive moment for key industry players, and it was important for Lexus to find a way to make this moment inclusive and something the public could enjoy and partake in, Kitzens says. 

“Through our partnership with Interview Magazine, we are able to invite the public to experience what a real editorial fashion photoshoot is like, which is something Lexus has not executed in the past and is a unique opportunity that we can offer to the general public,” he says.

Before the activation is opened to the public, Lexus invited fashion models Nathalie Emmanuel, Teyana Taylor, Jasmine Sanders and Hari Nef to try out the experience for themselves to give their fans and followers on social media a sneak peek, Kitzens says.

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