Instagram Stories Adds Ad Options

Instagram is ready to turn the success of its Stories feature into more money.

The Facebook unit is integrating Stories with its full-screen Canvas ad format, making it easier to run cross-channel campaigns. It's also launching an uploading tool, so businesses can turn their organic stories into ads.

Brands can use camera features, like face filters, boomerangs and drawing tools, to create a piece of media, then repurpose it as an ad.

Additionally, Instagram will now allow Stories to be added to Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network campaigns through so-called “placement optimization.”

It is in Facebook’s interest for brand partners to run campaigns across its various properties. Yet, the social giant insists that it also benefits brands. To prove it, Facebook shared some metrics from a campaign recently run by Procter and Gamble’s SK-II brand to raise awareness around its Genoptics beauty product.



P&G ran a split-test to see how Instagram Stories performed in conjunction with its feed campaigns across Facebook and Instagram.

Compared to running on Instagram and Facebook alone, Genoptics achieved a brand lift of 13 points, along with 30% reach among its target audience of females in Japan, aged 18-54.

A year after its debut, Instagram is having great success with its Stories feature. The Facebook unit is especially enthused about Stories’ popularity among younger users.

About a year after its debut, Instagram is thrilled with the success of Stories.

According to internal figures, users under 25 spend more than 32 minutes a day, on average, on Instagram. Those age 25+ spend more than 24 minutes a day, according to just-released internal figures.

Instagram attributes Stories’ strong showing, in part, to near constant updates and new tools.

Brands are increasingly leaning into Stories, too. In the last month, more than 50% of businesses on Instagram posted a Story. Suggesting strong engagement, Instagram also notes that 20% of organic stories from businesses elicit at least one direct message.

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