Redesigns To Focus On Mobile Audience

Progressive politics, news and culture site has redesigned to focus on its mobile audience and video experiences.

It is another example of a digital publisher bolstering its efforts to reach mobile and video audiences.

This is the first redesign of Salon’s site in “several years,” per Jordan Hoffner, CEO of Salon Media Group. He hopes it enhances support for Salon's popular interviews with newsmakers, documentaries and live video broadcasts.

Hoffner stated the changes were important, given Salon’s increase in live video programming and marketers’ demand for improved performance in areas such as brand safety and viewability across the digital landscape.



Earlier this month, the San Francisco-based publisher announced a partnership with Tout, a platform that serves users targeted video programming from thousands of publishers' sites, based on their mobile preferences. The goal of the collaboration is to increase the distribution of Salon’s live video programming.

Hoffner told Publishers Daily there are three major changes to Salon's site with this redesign.

The entire front-end code base was moved from YUI to React, the “same language that Facebook and other more modernized sites use,” he said.

The new layout design was inspired by sites Salon considered “best in breed on the web” and integrated with data points from Salon's “power users” and how they use the site.

Lastly, Salon spoke with advertisers and agencies to get their input on “what they look for in terms of programmatic best practices," and upgraded the site accordingly.

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