Ad Council Extends Reach (Big Time!) With New Rubicon Project Alliance

Happy Advertising Week New York, people. May your brain be crammed with all sorts of new insights by Friday. 

Just in time for the busy week, Rubicon Project, one of advertising’s biggest programmatic players, and the Ad Council have announced a collaboration through which Rubicon Project will donate unsold advertising inventory to the Ad Council’s national public service campaigns, which now have the potential to become global. 

The parties said that the agreement will serve as a milestone for the Public Service Announcement (PSA) arm of Rubicon Project’s “Changing Advertising for Good” initiative. 

With the deal Ad Council campaigns will have the opportunity to have their ads seen by approximately 1 billion consumers, in line with Rubicon Project’s global reach. 

“At Rubicon Project, we believe we have an opportunity and an obligation to use our scale and reach to help non-profit organizations and charities reach those that need them most,” declared Michael Barrett, President and CEO of Rubicon Project. “The Ad Council has given a voice to many incredible non-profit organizations through some of the most impactful campaigns of the last 75 years. We are excited to work with the Ad Council as we give back to our community in such a powerful way.” 



“Rubicon Project has a long history of using their technology to support charitable causes,” added Beth Ellard, Head of Business Development & Innovation, Ad Council. “We’re thrilled to offer our campaigns access through this collaboration to the approximately 1 billion people worldwide that Rubicon Project reaches.” 

Well that’s a nice purposefully-driven way to kick off the week. Sounds like a win-win for all involved. 

Now let the show begin!



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