Campaign Monitor Launches 1-1 Email Marketing

Campaign Monitor announced the launch of anew behavioral email marketing offering on Tuesday to help businesses deliver more personalized campaigns.

Campaign Monitor 1-1 Email Marketing adds a suite of features to the marketing platform that connects disparate data sources, segments audiences, and create personalized content based on customers’ individual behavior.  

The behavioral marketing product offers four key features to help customers drive more revenue with email personalization. It connects customers’ data, segments that data, creates behavioral trigger-based campaigns, and personalized content on an individual scale.

Andrea Wildt, chief marketing officer at Campaign Monitor, says that Campaign Monitor 1-1 Email Marketing can now pull in subscriber activity from three main sources: website activity, purchase activity and activities from third party applications. 

Flight Centre, a global travel agency and Campaign Monitor customer, increased customer engagement rates with Campaign Monitor 1-1 Email Marketing. After connecting data from its booking platform, website, social media, and email, Flight Centre saw a 30% increase in website traffic, 57% increase in click-through rates, and 10% increase in online bookings. 



“With the power of behavioral email marketing, we’re now able to speak to our customers on a more personal level,” states Andrew Walker, email marketing manager at Flight Centre. “The way we segment our customer data and leverage it for dynamic personalized emails, has brought us an increase in engagement and ROI.”

Flight Centre is now able to combine demographic data, like age, location, and preferences, with behavioral data about how subscribers are engaging with their brand,” says Wildt. “Then they can create specific segments based on recent engagement. For example, Flight Centre can now create a segment of their subscribers that have visited their Hawaiian vacations page in the past 7 days. That shows intent and interest in booking a trip to Hawaii, so Flight Centre can now send a targeted offer to that segment of subscribers and capitalize on that interest.” 

The email solution tracks customer behavior across channels, such as a brand’s website or mobile application, and then connects it to email engagement data. Campaign Monitor customers can learn more about their customers and create more personalized experiences by streamlining engagement from across channels. 

Campaign Monitor’s 1-to-1 email marketing offering is now available to all customers of the company’s Advanced Plan.

“Campaign Monitor’s pricing model is mostly based on how many subscribers a customer has,” explains Wildt. “On our Basic plan you can send up to 5x emails as the number of subscribers but the higher tier plans, Unlimited, Premier, and Advanced allow unlimited sends.”


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