Newsweek Media Introduces Travel Tours

Newsweek Media Group is launching a travel tours business and a dedicated travel vertical.

Called Newsweek Travel, the company will host 15 different trips and excursions in 13 countries and four continents in 2018, including Egypt, Mexico, Cuba, Britain, Washington, D.C., Russia, China, Holland, Jerusalem and Poland.

When asked if the tours were created to help provide additional revenue to Newsweek Media, James Karklins, CMO for Newsweek Media Group, told Publishers Daily: “We are continuing to diversify our revenue streams, with Newsweek Travel as one example and our events business that launched earlier this year as another.”

Newsweek Media launched its events business in February to focus on issues facing global businesses and consumers.



The tours will include airfare, accommodations, meals and excursions to a variety of sites and landmarks. Each Newsweek Travel trip will be accompanied by a Newsweek editor or journalist, who “will offer opening insights to add color and context to the travel experience,” according to the publisher.

Each tour ranges from about $5,000 to $8,000 per person. Tours will also include two 45-minute lectures by relevant experts and scholars, as well as a Q&A session with the editor/journalist. Newsweek editorial will share their knowledge and connections with travelers.

Newsweek is also debuting a travel vertical on Initially, the content will be curated from Newsweek and led by a Newsweek journalist and “dedicated subject matter expert,” but the company will expand its editorial team to cover travel for the new vertical.

Newsweek Travel tours will be managed by Arrangements Abroad, a travel and tour agency.

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