Openprise Offers New B2B Scoring Features

Openprise is offering new scoring capabilities as part of its Data Orchestration Platform. The features were unveiled at Dreamforce 2017.  

The solutions are designed to overcome a persistant problem in B2B email marketing: that few companies can score at the account level, leading to a distrust of on the part of sales teams, according to Openprise. 

“For too long, many sales teams haven’t been able to put much stock in lead scoring because their models didn’t include all the variables that make up a great lead,” states Ed King, founder and CEO of Openprise.

The result, King adds, is that “companies couldn’t rigorously test out different models using actual data to find an optimal scoring model for their business.”

In turn, sales teams are failing to engage with leads in a timely way.

According to Openprise, the new capabilities allow firms to shorten their sales cycles, improve sales team productivity and build revenue. They include: 

  • Time-Based Scoring — Companies can use this to score o a daily basis based on recent activities. Previously, most systems allowed scores to decay at a fixed rate when there is no activity. 
  • Advanced scoring for leads, contacts, and accounts — This service enables marketers to score at the account level.
  • Multiple scoring models — Users can create models based on several variables — i.e., for different business units, products, channels and geographies, the company says.
  • Momentum-Based Scoring/Trending — Marketers can track the rate of change in daily scores to determine a prospect’s interest.
  • Composite scoring — This allows the marketer to incorporate multiple scores from different solutions. The result is a weighted score.
  • Cross-system-based scoring — This allows firms to create custom fields from data from multiple solutions.
  • Pre-built scoring recopies — Models based on best practices.



Openprise adds that its platform can be integrated with Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua and other systems.



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