SparkPost Email Platform Offered on AWS Marketplace

SparkPost, the cloud email service that delivers 3 trillion emails per year, has been made available on AWS Marketplace, the company announced today. The arrangement brings enterprise email workloads to AWS, while allowing marketers to integrate SparkPost into Amazon Web Service-based applications, the firm says.

The SparkPost subscription is integrated into the AWS bill to provide access to users, including technical account managers and email deliverability experts, the company adds.  

Starting in December, clients will also be able to subscribe to SparkPost’s premium support services through the ASW Marketplace.

Claiming to be the only cloud-native email delivery service on AWS, SparkPost says it can deliver higher peak email volumes than traditional data centers, and that it can “elastically” scale up to meet demand.

In addition, developers can use SparkPost to “implement email notifications, app-onboarding, welcomes, user invites , prompts, account management and security alerts, all that traffic that apps increasingly generate under the banner of transactional, notifications,” says SparkPost CEO Phillip Merrick.



Via SparkPost, those apps can “take advantage of real-time engagement around the email stream,” Merrick adds. 

When a user opens an email, for example, that will be known when they visit the website or a mobile app. Or, Merrick notes, a marketer can “route it to a call center and have someone call that individual.” Merrick adds that reliance on in-house data centers is "the 2005 way."

SparkPost also provides security features, including company-wide SOC2 Type 1 assessment.

Amazon’s services such as Simple Email Service (SES) purportedly do not offer advanced features and access to experts. 

SparkPost claims that it delivers over a fourth of the world’s non-spam email. Numerous firms use the firm’s API email technology, and  clients include LinkedIn, Comcast, Pinterest, The New York Times, Twitter and Zillow.

SparkPost states that large-scale email delivery had not previously been available through cloud-based systems.




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