Sports-Free OTT Bundle Philo Launches

Philo, a new over-the-top streaming video bundle targeting consumers that don't want sports programming, launches today, the company announced.

The launch bundle will cost $16 per month, and will include more than 35 channels, including those from AMC Networks, Viacom, Discovery Communications and Scripps Networks. It will also include some independent channels, such as the business news channel Cheddar. Subscribers can pay an extra $4 per month to add nine additional channels. It will offer a seven day free trial, and will have advertising, as all the other live streaming bundles do.

Philo will not have programming from NBCUniversal, Disney, CBS, Turner or Fox, as those companies still demand a premium for the channels, in part because of their extensive sports programming. By focusing on channels that do not have sports, Philo is hoping to offer a bigger bundle at a lower price.



The strategy is a stark contrast to FuboTV, another streaming service that specifically targets sports consumers, and starts at $40 per month, as well as bundles like Sling TV and YouTube TV, which offer a blend of channels that offer sports, and those that don’t.

Philo will offer a 30-day DVR with pause and restart capabilities, as well as an on-demand library. Consumers will be able to watch on three devices at once. It will launch on web browsers, Roku devices, and on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

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