Mobile Is Key Device For Watching TV, Movies

No longer limited to living rooms, binge-watching TV shows and movies has become a public pastime.

That’s according to Netflix, which finds that 67% of viewers around the world now watch movies and TV shows on mobile devices outside of their homes.

All that public viewing is changing consumer behaviors and opinions in other ways, Netflix found. For example, nearly half (45%) of those watching on the go have caught a “backseat binger” snooping on their screen, but only 18% of those bingers report feeling embarrassed about what they’re watching, while 77% refuse to turn off their show or movie.

More than a quarter (27%) of public bingers have had a stranger interrupt their show or movie to start a conversation about what they’re watching.

As a warning for snoopers, however, 11% say they have had a show or movie spoiled by seeing someone else’s screen.

More broadly, when asked to rank travel or commuting “essentials,” public bingers now list “access to movies and TV shows” higher (25%) than food and beverages (23%).

Stateside, 57% of smartphone owners now access video content via apps, according to recent findings from the NPD Group.

Still the top app for video, YouTube is used by about 45% of smartphones owners on a monthly basis.

Coming in a distant second, Netflix is now accessed by about 18% of smartphone users on a monthly basis.

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