Smartphones Are (Even More) For Streaming

Not that anyone needed confirmation, but the small screen has definitely gotten smaller. 

According to The NPD Group, more than half (57%) of U.S. smartphone owners access video content via an app (with iOS users doing so more than Android users). Streaming video is also the number one driver of data consumption (both on cellular and WiFi), accounting for 78% of the total data used. 

YouTube is the top video app for smartphone users, accessed by 45% of owners on a monthly basis, followed by Netflix (accessed by 18% on a monthly basis).

“Smartphone penetration is continuing to grow and the battle among mobile carriers to retain current subscribers, as well as grow their base is fierce,” noted Brad Akyuz, director, industry analyst for NPD’s Connected Intelligence, in a statement. “Access to content is becoming a key differentiator for carriers, in addition to unlimited data plans that allow consumers to watch OTT video at home and on the go with peace of mind. As the installed base of smartphones with large displays grows, we expect mobile video data consumption will do the same.”



Yet, the television can’t be discounted. According to NPD, consumers streaming content through television-connected devices grew by 5% over the previous year. Currently, 57 million U.S. households have a television-connected device, compared with 50 million at the same time last year.

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