Mobile Users Open To Black Friday Notifications

Rather than running for the hills, American mobile users are actually more receptive to marketing messaging leading up to Black Friday. 

For example, 50% of shoppers say they’re likely to enable push notifications on their phones in order to learn about Black Friday deals -- which is up from about 40% during the rest of the year.

That’s according to a new survey of 1,000 U.S. holiday shoppers from mobile engagement platform Leanplum and retail app platform Branding Brand. 

Plus, 64% of Black Friday shoppers plan to use mobile to learn about sales, coupons, and other deals coming their way, while 65% plan to actually make purchases on mobile.

What’s the best way to reach mobile users?

Fifty-five percent said receiving communications about Black Friday deals via email would influence their purchases -- more than double the 25% who said they prefer in-app messages, and the 23% who prefer push notifications.



Beyond pure purchasing power, mobile plays a significant role throughout the buying funnel, Leanplum and Branding Brand found.

For instance, 63% of shoppers said they plan to use mobile to avoid long lines in-store, 58% plan to use mobile to compare prices, 45% plan to use mobile to find coupons. 

Separately, Amazon and other brick-and-mortarless retailers continue to win out over their more traditional rivals.

On Black Friday, 70% of shoppers said they were most likely to turn to online-only ecommerce, with discount stores like Target and Walmart close behind at 62%.

By contrast, just 40% of mobile shoppers said they would seek out department stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s and JCPenney; 43% said they were interested in specialty retailers like Home Depot, Best Bu, and Sephora. Only 16% were planning to pursue peer-to-peer marketplaces such as Etsy, or global commerce companies like Shopify.

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