Sigstr Integrates With Marketo To Optimize Email Signatures

Marketo customers can now implement dynamic email signature campaigns thanks to an integration with Sigstr announced Wednesday. 

Based in Indianapolis, Sigstr is an email marketing technology company that specializes in developing dynamic email signature campaigns. The Saas platform for employee email signature marketing can now be seamlessly added to Marketo workflows, including landing pages, smart lists, and email marketing templates.

By integrating Sigstr with the Marketo Engagement Platform, B2B marketers can boost their account-based marketing efforts by utilizing engagement data to trigger email marketing and email signature campaigns. Additional product features include engagement tracking and automatic email list additions whenever a new individual interacts with Sigstr content.

Branded email signatures can capture readers’ attention and parlay important information, according to Sigstr. Considering that the average email is only read for three seconds, optimizing email signatures could help marketers deliver content quickly to a soon-to-be-disengaged audience.



Sigtr recently teamed up with EyeQuant, an artificial intelligence platform that utilizes design analysis technology to predict how users are going to perceive designs, to perform a series of tests to analyze the effectiveness of email signatures. The resulting report, The Science of Email Signatures, illustrated how readers engage with different email signature designs.

Sigstr and EyeQuant performed three tests: a perception map, an attention map, and hot spots. The perception map illustrates what the email recipient will see and miss in the first three seconds of engaging with an email, the attention map highlights the elements of the email that capture the most attention, and hot spots point out the ten most attention-grabbing elements of the email.  

Branded email signatures were shown to capture readers’ attention in all three tests, according to the report. To optimize email signature campaigns, Sigstr recommends that marketers include a clearly defined call-to-action button. It's important to use concise text and graphics, and contrasting colors can help promote the right elements of the email signature design.

Sisgst also recommends that marketers include eye-catching imagery, but preferably via a design application like Photoshop or Sketch.


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