NFL's TV Ad Dollars Rise 16%

NFL continues to show signs of recovery, at least according to national TV advertising revenue.

Through 15 weeks of the regular season to date, NFL programming has pulled in $3.7 billion for its TV networks: CBS, NBC, Fox, ESPN and the NFL Network, per

This is up 16% over a year ago, when it was $3.1 billion. The NFL has added more ad inventory from Thursday night games this year — as well as more digital/mobile advertising inventory.

The biggest traditional TV advertising categories are: automotive, at $748.2 million; insurance, $285.9 million; wireless communications services, $268.2 million; mobile device makers, 228.2; and quick serve restaurants, $202.4 million.

The year before, automotive was at $706.2 million; wireless communications, $239.4 million; insurance, $184.4 million; fast food restaurants, $180.1 million; and mobile devices, $173.9 million.

Biggest individual NFL advertising brands this year: Verizon, $144 million; GEICO, $115.2 million; Toyota Motors, $88.4 million; Apple iPhone, $81 million; and Southwest Airlines, $75.6 million.

Many of the same brands made the list the year before: Verizon, $140.7 million; Toyota, $83.4 million; GEICO, $73.0 million; Chevrolet, $70.2 million; and Apple iPhone, $67.6 million

This year. says there were 177.7 billion impressions; 115.1 billion, live. The biggest audience segment -- 34% -- are those 55+. The total NFL gender breakdown is: 60.2% male, 39.8% female.

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